The Ziauddin University Faculty of Pharmacy hosted commencement day of Pharm.D (Batch-XV) 2019 for 100 new coming students at Ziauddin University.

Chief Guest of the event, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Chairman Brooks Pharma in his address says, “Pakistanis are the intelligent nation of the world and we are lucky to have 54% of youngsters in our country. We are blessed to have a rich resourced country in the world all you have to do is to discover it with your hard work.”

“I congratulate to your parents for taking excellent decision to choose this respectable and noble profession for you. Now it’s your responsibility to help humanity and make your parents proud after graduation”, he added.

While talking about pharmaceutical business in Pakistan, the Guest of Honor, Dr Khalid Mahmood, Technical Director Bayer Pakistan, exposed that “we have 759 national and international pharmaceutical companies which are giving 3.1 billion industry businesses to our economy and annual growing rate of pharmaceutical companies is 11%.”

Directly talking to the new batch he advised them that Commitment, vision, objective and professionalism are the main key factors which they all have to keep in their minds to become a successful pharmacist.

On the occasion, Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University, while addressing to the students said “Unluckily we have 25 million children who have never visited schools and this number is continuously increasing with each passing day. 46 % students are those who are college dropouts. You all are lucky to get yourselves enrolled in one of the biggest university of Pakistan. All credit of your successes to reach this level goes to your parents. You all should be thankful to them.”

Earlier, Prof. Dr Anwar Ejaz Baig, Advisor to Chancellor, in his welcome speech, congratulated 15th batch of Pharm.D said “I hope after spending 5 years in Ziauddin University, you all will become experts of pharmacy and drugs, you will retain the name of Ziauddin University and its faculty. You will lighten up the name of Sir Dr Ziauddin Ahmed who played vital role in the field of education.”

14th August Celebration

Nations celebrate national days to rejoice and celebrate the fruits of freedom and progress. On August 14th, Pakistanis commemorate the success of their struggle for independent state. 14th August is certainly a time for every Pakistani to review the rich and dynamic Pakistan. Faculty of Pharmacy, Ziauddin University also celebrated this day with zeal and zest.

Ziauddin University Convocation 2018

Ziauddin University awarded 504 degrees to its graduating students of different disciplines at its 15th convocation held at the Expo Centre here on Wednesday.

Addressing the students, Sindh Governor Muha­mad Zubair, the chief guest on the occasion, emphasized the importance of quality education and praised the efforts of university chancellor Dr Asim Hussain for the institution.

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Conference “Bridging the Gap in Primary Health Care Innovations, Translations & Beyond

Ziauddin University organized the 3-day International Conference “Bridging the Gap in Primary Health Care Innovations, Translations & Beyond…….”

The conference was attended by a large number of doctors, professors, educationists and medical students. The Chief guest Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Lehri, President Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), and Principal, Bolan Medical College, Quetta said while addressing the inaugural session that the things are changing day by day epecially in medical technology due to issues relating to living habits. He further stated that ninety percent of private medical organizations are working in the country benefitting people and students but the other ten percent are just making money. Dr Lehri said that PMDC is to facilitate anyone who is going to operate on merit basis. We have to resolve your problem and issues and facilitate the doctors’ community. He praised the Ziauddin University for being a national institution serving the country with dedication and international standards. He appreciated work and the efforts of the Ziauddin University administration for arranging such an informative and useful conference. Dr. Maud Nauta the keynote speaker from Camden Health Improvement Practice, London UK in her address on “How and why we make mistakes. Lessons learned from the West”, talked about human factors in primary health care. She shared examples of human factors like work load/ under load, lack of knowledge, pattern recognition, over confidence and said 100,000 people die in hospitals alone due to human error. She pointed out that first we have to find out our errors and then we would be able to solve them. Maud Nauta further stated that all health care professionals strive for improvement in patient care but at least 10% of patients admitted to hospitals encounter a potentially fatal medical error and 50% of these are preventable. Human factors or non-technical skills contribute to at least 70% of these errors, she said. “Harnessing the energy of health care workforce to benefit the community” was the subject discussed by Prof. Dr. Ghaffar Billo, Senior Professor of Pediatrics, Aga Khan University Hospital & Founder of HANDS. He elaborated the functions of his NGO and talked about community empowerment. Earlier, Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, VC, Ziauddin University in his welcome address stated that Ziauddin University is a renowned institution of learning in Pakistan. Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed was a great educationist and mathematician who contributed with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan at Aligarh. His daughter Dr. Ejaz Fatima has established this institution. Pirzada said this is not the time of isolation, he said and invited the people from different parts of the world to come forward and continue this field. The other speakers who addressed the conference included Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra, Prof. Dr. Riaz Qureshi, Dr. Zarrin Siddiqui, Prof. Nighat Huda, Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi, Dr Bazmi Inaam. Prof Dr. Jawaid Usman and Prof Dr. Zaigham Abbas, Prof. Dr. Abbas Zafar, in the end thanked the presenters who have travelled from abroad and all the participants attending the event. The three day event ended with the workshops on Research Methodology, Communication Skills, and Surgical Skills.

1st Alumni Reunion

Ziauddin University organized its first Alumni Re-Union at Clifton campus.

Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Vice-Chancellor, Ziauddin University addressing to the event emphasized that Alumni is a key for institutional development. Prestigious universities in the world have strong alumni networks as it benefits all stakeholders. He encouraged Ziauddin University Alumni of all colleges to form their own alumni chapters and hold regular events.

Mr. Faizan S. Syed, Chief Executive Officer, HTV and Founding Director Ziauddin Institute of Media Studies (ZIMS), Ziauddin University said that the management was keen to start alumni network as it can build a bond of networking and will strengthen the university to establish new collaborations. Ziauddin University is one of the leading private sector universities in Pakistan. Since the university was established in 1995 it has developed outstanding graduates in a wide range of disciplines and has numerous success stories in Pakistan and abroad.

Convocation 2017

Ziauddin University awarded over 300 degrees to the graduating students for various disciplines at the 14th convocation, held at the Expo Centre.

Ziauddin University Welcomes New Students Of Pharm. D

Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University welcomed the fresh batch of students at the commencement day of Pharm D. He said that the new batch of students is now entering into the professional world where progress is linked with efforts and the hard work would be fruits of successful professional.

Mr. Haroon Qassim, Managing Director, Pharm Evo (Pvt.) Ltd shared that profession of pharmacy has seen an evolution in Pakistan since it began but the journey is far from over. Pakistan Pharma Industry made great strides in sufficiently addressing the national as well as international needs. Pharmacy graduates and post graduates students need practical knowledge as well as technical skill to become a successful pharmacist. He emphasized that by embarking on a career in pharmacy, they are joining an ancient and honorable profession that deals with the latest, up-to-date technological advances for the benefit of mankind. At present pharmacists have become one of the most important part of the healthcare delivery team.

“ As you begin your time at Ziauddin University and plan your 5 years here, I would urge you to remember that your undergraduate education is a foundation for life. I hope your time at Ziauddin University will help to provide a foundation on which you will make your contribution to a better future for yourselves”, said Prof Dr Anwar Ejaz Baig, Advisor to the Chancellor, Ziauddin University. Prof. Dr. Ail Akbar Sial, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy, Ziauddin University welcomed the new students and highlighted that as they have joined top ranked university of the country, punctuality and productive time management is required to achieve professional goals.

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